Most of the web developers nowadays are hosting wordpress sites for a number of reasons. These include simplicity, security, and popularity of Wordpress as a content management system. Not to mention Wordpress is free and supported by most web hosting providers.

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How Wordpress Changed Web Development

Years ago, website creation only belonged to the geeks. These are the IT professionals and programmers who are building sites from scratch using complex codes and programs. Back then, it takes a year or two to build a single website. You also need a considerable amount of money to fund the creation of your website at that time.

Some programs were created to make things easier but still only few have the skills to use them. However, things changed when Wordpress came into being. Through Wordpress, even common people who know nothing about codes can now build their own sites. Anyone can now create websites and they don't have to hire expensive web developers to make their sites anymore.

Why Wordress

Developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, Wordpress is now the most commonly used blogging platform. As of August 2013, it is used by over 60 million websites. Some website owners even transferred their HTML-based site to Wordpress. Many people prefer Wordpress because of the following reasons

A lot of themes to choose from

If you use Wordpress, you don't need to design your site from scratch. Wordpress offers various themes for you to choose from. You can simply install a theme and do some modifications to achieve that kind of look you want for your site.

There are both free and paid Wordpress themes. Free ones are good enough but you might want to buy a premium theme if you like to have more ability to customise the design of your website. In this way, your site can look unique even if you are using a template.

Many plugins available

More than 30, 000 plugins are developed for Wordpress to extend your abilities beyond the default features. These include slideshow creation, SEO enhancement, client portals, additional navigation bars and widgets, content display features, and a lot more. Like themes, there are both free and paid plugins for Wordpress. A number of free plugins are already useful but paid ones offer more features.

Ready for mobile devices

Due to the popularity of mobile devices in browsing the net, websites also have to be mobile-friendly today. Wordpress has native applications for mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Wordpress themes developed today are also responsive (they can be conformed to the size of the screen they are viewed).

Search engine-friendly

Wordpress is also friendly to search engines. Through its clean permalink structure, your content can be easily searched online.

Pages, Posts, and Categories

You can create both static pages and blog posts in Wordpress. Posts can also be assigned to multiple categories.

You will learn a lot more features of Wordpress once you use it. Start creating Wordpress sites and you will love its features!